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U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy SCORE 

Find out just how energy efficient your home is and have it scored. City Service is an official assessor for the U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy SCORE Program.


Get a quick understanding of how your home performs, much like how your car’s miles per gallon (MPG) rating lets you know how effcient your car is. Your home is scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 10 being the most effcient.  The score also shows you how your home performs compared to other homes in your area. The individual who scores your home will also provide recommendations on how to improve your home’s score.


Easily understand your homes energy rating with the US Department of Energy’s new program, SCORE. The program will inform and guide you on the path to energy efficiency and it will cut through the complexity to show you how to save money on energy as well as informing you of how much you will save.


Most Americans spend $1,500 to $2,500 a year on utilities; many can reduce their utility bills by 20% or more – sizable savings from energy improvements.

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What You Get

By taking part in the course you will obtain an incredible amount of help. You will also receive:

• An Energy Assessment with Blower
  Door Testing
• An On-Site Printed Report
• An Estimated Energy Savings
• A List of Recommendations
• Verification Label



The assessment is reasonably priced. We offer the assessment for $199.00.

Energy Score - Energy Efficiency Scoring
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Contact us to learn more about your the Home Energy SCORE.