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City of Dallas, TX

 Dallas is one of the first major cities in the nation to pass comprehensive green building standards for both new residential and commercial construction. Dallas recognizes the fundamental link between the building codes' intent of "safeguarding the public health, safety and general welfare" and preserving a safe and healthy natural environment. Incorporating sustainability through energy efficiency, water conservation and resource reuse and reduction translates into a stronger economy and area growth. 

City Service, LLC. is a licensed provider of both Green and Energy compliance services to Residential and Commercial contractors in Dallas.  If you need help with your project, give us a call.

Residential Services

STEP 1 - Plan Review - As part of the permitting process, all residential and commercial building projects in Dallas must pass a preliminary plan review.  As part of the plan review process, we provide a Dallas Green Compliance Checklist, Compliance Review and Energy Code Compliance Review.  All the paperwork necessary to draw a permit.

STEP 2 - Third Party Dallas Energy Code Compliance Review and Inspection - During the construction, the project must be inspected for Energy Code Compliance. 

STEP 3 - FINAL Green Inspection - Before you can order a final building inspection, you must have a final Green inspection verifying all the elements of the Plan Review.

See more about "Green" Building in Dallas  http://dallascityhall.com/building_inspection/greenBuilding.html

Our City of Dallas License Numbers

Phase I  GB 103738

Phase II 2G111583

Energy EC 105000

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